Our mission is to prepare for the future while honoring the past by navigating today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

Who We Are

Carpathia Media is a forward-thinking digital, media and Intellectual Property asset holding company based in Miami, Florida. We own and manage a vast portfolio of digital assets, media properties, IP and IP Licensing rights.
Carpathia owns a treasure trove of original works by renowned photographers such as Bunny Yaeger, David Gahr, Harry Langdon, Milton Greene, Morris Engel and Irving Claw – depicting some of the worlds most iconic and emblematic figures, including; Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bettie Page, Maria Stinger, Andy Warhol, Babe Ruth and other historical figures.
Our licensing division, Forefront, provides licensees with access to our expansive collection of images, articles, video, publishing, music, photos, audio files, animation, documents and more.
Our Media Asset division, Flagship, is privileged to own some of the world’s most sought-after media related assets including domain names; 0Gravity.com, Appetites.com, BungeeJumpers.com, Interacted.com, MediaAnalysis.com, MediaPublishing.com, MediaCompanies.com, PerfectTen.com, PrisonCell.com, PrizeFights.com, PrizeFighting.com, PrizeFighters.com StreetArtist.com, its420.com, GroomLake.com, TheOutlier.com, TravelerNews.com and WorldTravelers.com
Using our  in-house proprietary asset management platform, Labyrinth, we house over 500 million media files,  2 million hours of content and 65 petabytes of data. With features such as automated tracking; asset categorization; content management; licensing; and more, Labyrinth helps us leverage and monetize our assets efficiently while carefully preserving the history of our archives.

    What We Do

    We manage some of the worlds most sought after media related assets.


    How we Do it
    Our products are designed to not only collect and organize media, but to also provide innovative ways for people to access and engage with it.